Plans unveiled for tower near Solaria


Developers have revealed renderings for a proposed eight-story rental development at West 237th Street and Blackstone Avenue that riled some neighbors last year because of construction equipment blocking sidewalks and squeezing streets.

Cipco Developers unveiled its design for Blackstone Parc to the New York Yimby block.

Located near the Solaria tower on West 237th, this structure will include 46 market-rate apartments spread out over eight stories. Each apartment will include two or three bedrooms, as well as “large open” kitchens, shared laundry rooms, and private storage.

Developers have yet to release a timeline on when construction will be completed and apartments offered.


Whopper dropped on Bronx ‘Joker’ fans

The Bronx step street made famous in last year’s Joaquin Phoenix film “Joker” might not be in our particular neighborhood, but living in the same borough as those stairs could now score you some free food.

Burger King is offering free Whopper sandwiches for anyone living in the Bronx, according to Fast Company. It does require ordering the burger through the Uber Eats app, and using promo code “KINGSTAIRS” until Jan. 12.

The steps connect Shakespeare and Anderson avenues in Highbridge, and have become an unexpected tourist attraction in recent months as many recreate Phoenix’s Golden Globe-winning work there.

“Joker,” which shares an alternative origin story for Batman’s most famous villain, was filmed primarily in the Bronx, and earned more than $334 million domestically, and more than $1 billion worldwide.

Some neighbors around the step street say it’s crowded nearly every day with “Joker” fans, making it impossible to use.