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Stanton running negative campaign


To the editor:

When voters go to the polls on Sept. 10, they will be nominating candidates for mayor, public advocate and City Council. I imagine they will want to consider the records of the candidates as well as their stands on issues and how they intend to make their platforms a reality.

When I decide how I cast my ballot I also consider the manner in which candidates conduct themselves, and I try to determine which candidate I think will have the greatest ability to work with others to get the job done. If anyone had even the slightest doubt as to which candidate for City Council does not conduct himself in an appropriate manner and who clearly lacks the ability to build effective coalitions, all one has to do is read the recent Points of View article by candidate Cliff Stanton.

 In what could only be described as a rant, Mr. Stanton levels numerous false charges. And in a most bizarre campaign tactic, he fires (or misfires) most of his bullets at me, as if I were his opponent. He starts by referring to “the corruption scandal that has rocked the Bronx political establishment,” as if the two Bronx legislators were central players in borough politics or had any connection to our 11th Council District. 

 Sometimes wildly throwing the kitchen sink at your opposition works. But sometimes people are too smart for it. Stating that I “hijacked” the community board not only does not make it so, it is also insulting to the dozens of community leaders who tirelessly serve on the board. 

Jeffrey Dinowitz, Cliff Stanton, Andrew Cohen, City Council
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