Subaru turns learning center into drive-thru


Lunchtime on Riverdale Avenue got a little more exciting than usual after a Subaru slammed into the Kumon Math and Reading Center.

The vehicle shattered the storefront glass window, leaving jagged shards all over the sidewalk as police officers and firefighters hustled to clean up the wreckage at 5908A Riverdale Ave.

Police questioned the visibly shaken driver with his wife standing close by, but have not yet released their names. 

The rear end of the Subaru was severely damaged, with big chunks of bumper falling off, and one of the rear lights completely smashed.

The driver thought he had the car in drive, according to a firefighter and an officer at the scene. When he put his foot on the accelerator, instead of moving forward he went backward straight into the learning center.

Claire Kim, an instructor who runs the Kumon center, said she had stepped outside to check the mail just as the Subaru plowed into the storefront, narrowly missing her.

"I was so surprised," Kim said. "I was scared. The old man, he just rushed in reverse, quite speedily. I think he was out of his mind."

Paramedics escorted the driver of the Subaru to an ambulance, where police questioned him and he received medical treatment. It did not appear anyone else was injured.

Details were still sketchy Wednesday afternoon, but police continue to investigate.

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