Uber war reaches Bronx

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Klein targets sex offenders

Bronx state Sen. Jeff Klein says it should be easier to confine convicted sex offenders in psychiatric facilities after they have served their sentences.

He told The Daily News offenders with a condition called antisocial personality disorder should be included in the state’s civil confinement law, which lets the state detain certain convicts after they have served their sentences.

Mr. Klein explained that he drafted legislation after a fall ruling from a judge said antisocial personality disorder was too vague and common to be the basis for confining a convict to a psychiatric center once his or her sentence was done.

The senator also cited a rape in April in Manhattan in which the perpetrator was a sex offender released in 2012.

Mr. Klein did not answer an interview request for this article. But he told The Daily News, “I don’t think we should be putting these ticking time bombs back on the street.”

CMSV gets federal funds

Bronx and Westchester Rep. Eliot Engel has announced $278,539 in federal funding for the College of Mount Saint Vincent. The school said it will receive five installments in that amount in the coming years, amounting to a total of roughly $1.3 million.

The money is part of a program called TRIO Student Support Services, which CMSV described as helping first-generation college students, students with disabilities and others.

“The Student Supportive Services Program has been a beacon of hope for countless students across the country who have had to overcome difficult circumstances as they pursued their college education,” Mr. Engel said in a statement.

“The TRIO grant makes it possible for the Mount to expand the support that helps students to get over academic speed bumps, formulate plans, and pursue effective strategies for success,” CMSV’s president Charles Flynn said in a statement.

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