White people are victims of racism, too


I am willing to bet that almost none of the (supposedly) well-informed readers of The Riverdale Press — including those “intellectuals” who religiously read The New York Times — know who the following people are: Justin Wallace, Jaryan Elliot, Tory Levik and Cahill Pennington.

Give up? These are just some of the names of young New York City Black children between 10 and 17 who have been murdered this year. All of them murdered by other Blacks!

The New York Post on the cover of its Oct. 2 edition above the caption “Too young to die” — and on Page 5 — showed pictures of these children with their ages listed below, and of several other older murdered children totaling 21 in all.

In the accompanying editorial, the Post asked “where is the outrage mob? Where are the progressives and their elected official allies? Where are the BLM activists? The Black lives of adolescents shot and killed by other Black teens don’t seem to matter.”

The Post, in an Oct. 8 article, detailed the murder of 13-year-old Jaryan Elliot, who was shot to death on East 187th Street in Belmont on July 11. Darcel Clark — the Black district attorney in the Bronx — commented at a news conference that “the bullets are flying in communities of color. Our young people have no problems getting a gun in their hands, and our kids are killing and shooting each other.

“Where are the marches and protests about losing a generation of young people?”

Where, indeed, are the marches and protests? All over this country — predominantly taking place in Democrat-controlled cities — thousands upon thousands of Black people are being slaughtered every year by other Blacks. And sadly, the names of these slain individuals are known primarily to their friends and families. But practically everyone in the United States — and even in other countries — know the name of the murdered George Floyd. How come?

These many of thousands of murdered Blacks are just as dead as Mr. Floyd, but only George Floyd has become internationally known — and a martyr. Why? The answer, my friends, is not blowing in the wind. It has to do with those beautiful, beautiful “Benjamins.”

George Floyd happened to be murdered not by a Black person, but by a cop. And not just by any cop — but by a white cop, which could be seen on television over and over again. To quote a famous line, “This is the stuff that dreams are made of.”

And the Black racist hustlers gleefully rubbed their hands at this golden opportunity to make tons and tons of money by pushing the “race card,” attacking and vilifying the cops with a policy of “defunding the police,” and promoting a vicious attack on the white race. Which I will get to later.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation alone received a reported $90 million in donations in 2020. Where the hell did that $90 million go? Even Michael Brown Sr. — whose son Michael Brown Jr., was justifiably killed by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, and who runs his own BLM organization — wants to know.

That $90 million, outside of making a bunch of Black hustlers very, very wealthy, certainly hasn’t done anything to reduce the enormous number of Blacks murdering Blacks.

Now, let’s look at the Black racist agenda and the nebulous language used to attack and vilify the entire white race — not just individual white people, but every single person born to white parents. This language — such as “white bias,” “white privilege,” “white fragility,” “systemic racism,” “implicit and unconscious bias” and “racial bias” — all of which might be put under the umbrella of “critical race theory,” is meant to demean all of us, make us feel guilty, and give in to any demands they make.

All of the above, I loudly proclaim, is a load of unadulterated crap. And those white people who believe this Black racist garbage are not just fools — which is too mild of a word — but gutless, groveling morons who have no self-respect.

Where do Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi stand on the issue of critical race theory, and the Black racist attacks on the white race? Let’s also hear from Congressman Jamaal Bowman.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation told the Associated Press in February it ended 2020 with a balance of more than $60 million after committing $21.7 million in grant funding to both official and unofficial Black Lives Matter chapters, as well as 30 localized Black-led organizations. The foundation says its overhead expenses — including staffing, operating and administrative costs — were $8.4 million last year.

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Alvin Gordon,